Why I go into VW (Virtual Worlds)

Been doing some thinking lately.  Yeah it gets me into trouble at times (thinking) but I enjoy that sort of trouble… mostly (chuckle).

There’s a lot of reasons for a person to go into a VW like SL or IW or OS-grid or whatever grid you decide to play around in and pert near as far as I can see they are different for everyone.  Make sense right?  We’re humans who come in a wide variety of shapes, types and thoughts.  So what I think I’m gonna do is stick with myself and only some reasons.  Yes, I said some reasons.  The reasons for some of the reasons is that the more I end up playing around in a VW the more reasons I find and therefore there is no way I can list all of the reasons because I find other reasons.  Now that you’ve probably had some fun untwisting that sentence  and digesting it, I shall continue.

Note that these are in NO particular order but by reading these you may get an idea of how I think and how I am.

1) Creation:

I have recently been slowly getting myself back into returning to the grids and recently met a new friend who had not one but two of my wearable aircraft.  While showing her round Blackstone Tower she ended up purchasing a 3rd one!  During our chatting I found that she’s a Helicopter enthusiast and she hinted with enough force to even penetrate my admittedly thick skull that she would love it if I made a wearable Helicopter.  Mentally I found myself nodding at the idea and how ideal it was for the Wearable concept and within seconds not only did I find myself agreeing to the project but mentally laying out some of the very vague parts I would need and a vague shape.  You see for me when I build, it’s a very organic, prone to change at any moment (depending on coolness factor) process.  I’ll start with a vague idea of what I’m shooting for and sorta go from there adding in or removing parts as I go along with the ever present “Hey ya know.  That would look cool if I did this!” factor.  Part way through the build I had her come over to the workshop to find out what in particular she would want.  Well after a period of time we had a completed Helicopter and she was delighted with it.  Both of us were happy.

Ok the point in that long paragraph?  In RL (Real Life)  I can’t built things that work like that.  One of the great joys I get is making something that I want to make, that is out of my head, and the release of the imagination.  Best thing of all?  Not violating the laws of Physics or various municipal or federal laws in the process.  Sheer untrammeled release of the imagination!  Being able to look at something and saying to myself “Yeah, I made that.” and feeling a sense of satisfaction about it.

2) Exploring:

I love going to other sims and looking at things that others have made.  One of my favorite things to do in SL (and in IW once we get Physics) is to hop into a vehicle that I made and wandering around looking at things.  Buildings, Giant Birds, Giant Trees, etc.  A lot of people look at things and simply see buildings, birds and trees.  I see a release of the imagination.  To know that someone made building, placed it, thought about how to make it work and look good, and then textured  it.  That’s even before the owner (if not the same person) goes ahead and decorates it!  Everyone has their own style of doing things and it’s a wonder to see them.  I might not necessarily love it all but I love the fact that someone, somewhere,  went to the effort of bringing something from the imagination and gave it “life”.

3) Socializing:

Now I’ll admit it.  I’m not the greatest at it.  I used to be a virtual building hermit.  I’m better now about it.  Yes there have been times when someone has asked me to attend a party and I’ve had to decline because I was  either in the middle of building something or conducting a tour of Blackstone.  I admit to be somewhat obsessive at times when my brain is locked into making something.  Never could multi task to save my life.  So for me being able to chat with 3 people at once is a major accomplishment.  It isn’t easy lemme tell ya.  My brain is sort like the older 486 CPUs.   I can do one task at a time but don’t ask me to multi task with the same efficiency.   I also have a serious RAM deficiency.  The buffer overflows very easily.  (chuckle)

Well now that I’ve managed to distract myself while typing that let’s continue shall we?

4) Meeting people from all over the world:

This might be a sort of subset of #3 there but let me explain.  I’m 51.  I admit it and have no shame in that.  One memory that I will never forget as a kid was watching a film made in 1968 back in school.  Maybe around 1974 or so.  It was called “1999 A.D.” and it was a file that showed what life would be like in that far flung off year 1999.  One particular scene had me floored.  It showed a kid playing chess on a HUGE wall mounted screen. True the screen was 2D and the graphics were very primitive but you know what it was about the entire scene that floored me?  The kid was playing against a friend from ACROSS TOWN!  Yep not in the same room or even in the same house but across town.  At the time (I lived out in the country) we were still on a party line for our phone and there was no zip code we were simply “Family name, Rural Route 1, state, nearest local township”.  Zip codes came by a few years later on.  Thus the idea of being able to play a game using a computer with a friend across town was astounding to me.

Years  (Decades, lets’ face it!) later here I am.  In a virtual world.  Where I can move around, create, explore and chat with people from literally all over the world.  Just think how astonished that little boy inside of me is feeling at the idea even to this day.  Yes, many take it for granted.  I don’t.  I have friends not only in the U.S. but also Europe, at least one in India, and who knows where else.   That’s a feeling I’ll never get over and I’m always in awe.

5) Doing goofy stuff and seeing others do goofy stuff:

Where else but in a VW like this do I get to see someone try to sit on a fish in a stream?  That reminds me gotta rig up sit positions for just such a situation next time I go in.  True story.  Where else have I see people decide to sit inside the glowey part of an alien power source?  Used my hoofs to play guitar at a bar?  In other words seeing others having fun and doing things (or getting the chance to do them) that they can’t in RL.

6) Being myself:

People know me (or at least Deson Bowenford) but more importantly know how I think, act, and I’ve chosen to share myself with them.  This little thing.  This being able to have friends on both sides of the screen.  A place where I can be my inner self.  Act as I am.  Be whom I am.  Is so very important to me.  Yes, I may look like a bi-pedal horse, a tiny pony, a mechanical dragon, etc. But I act, talk and behave with other people as I do in RL.

If you and I were to be face to face, you would in an instant know whom your talking with.  There is one slight difference though and it would be for maybe a few seconds.  Those first few seconds when you and I would first meet I would be slightly hesitant because I would be busy trying to figure the best way to approach you.  It’s like this.  I grew up in social isolation for the most part so meeting someone face to face the first time the built in shyness part in me is very strong.  After a few seconds as my mind would go “Hey!  You’ve talked with this person before!  They aren’t a stranger!” and then I would proceed to grab a club and beat the shyness part of me into oblivion.  I’ve mentally placed myself through this scenario about someday meeting some of you face to face several times in the past.  So I should be ready if it were ever to become a reality.  Alas there is likely no way that I’ll be able to attend the IW conference but yah know what?  I got next year to look forwards to and I do so look forwards to it.

Well, I’ve kinda rambled on for a bit here and I’m gonna close this off.  There are other reasons but novels are kinda hard to read at times.  So how about you?  Why do you go into a VW?  I’d love to hear some comments, or even if you blog something yourself I’d love to read it.

Take care!

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